“Yakam Matrix" and Its Applications/ "Matrice Yakam et ses Applications.

“Yakam Matrix” Experimental Nonlinearity in Meta profile Mechanical Engineering and its Interdisciplinary Applications of Applied  Techniques Professional Master for The ISTA-Kinshasa DR Congo

Institut Supérieur de Techniques Appliquées ISTA-Kinshasa 
P.O Box 6534 KIN 31 Ndolo, RD Congo, Central Africa
Kabeya.mukeba@ista.ac.cd,   l_y_m_kabeya@hotmail.com

Abstract –The applied investigation of Tuning methodology oriented to new programme Master Professional for concretizing an emergency political vision of development based on “Yakam Matrix” was studied in this paper.
The concepts of   nonlinear time-series which are the basis of the experimental analysis outcomes multiparameter nonlinear systems are explained to such different fields of  ISTA divisions  as : mechanical engineering and maintenance, electrical engineering, aerospace and  agro-meteorology and environment. Then, the nonlinear dynamic equations and the partial differential equations are established in common interdisciplinary options departments. The modelling, prediction, nonlinear in manufacturing, detecting design determinism, combustion and turbulence of fluids mechanics, diffusion and tribology in cutting metal, motion in synchronization in mechatronic  and spatio-temporal time series are surveyed  and introduced in curricula.  The Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme of Pan-African Programme prediction of this new project were in future model, good with the experimental results because the Democratic Republic of Congo is going catch the level of her dimension  with the financial support from  private and publics national and world organizations. 

Keywords: Nonlinear, mechanical engineering, design, prediction, spatio-temporal time, education, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Agro-meteorology, Environment, “Ubuntu education”.

Prof Leonard Kabeya Mukeba Yakasham
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Email : l_y_m_kabeya@hotmail.com
 ou kabeya.mukeba@ista.ac.cd 


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